Bluetooth & on-line opening electronic Cylinder Lock X-RP


Bluetooth & on-line opening electronic Cylinder Lock X-RP
Description :

OMNITEC X-RP is an electronic cylinder lock for holiday rental homes which can be installed quickly without modifying the door. The X-RP can be opened by Smartphone through Bluetooth and on-line through connectivity with the gateway. Its remote management system means the owner and guest do not need to meet to hand over traditional mechanical keys. Once the reservation is confirmed, the owner sends an electronic key to the guest with validity as contracted on the reservation.

Features :

- European profile cylinder simplifies and speeds up installation.
- Start-up via mobile app. Event recording and remote battery management via app.
- Operated by 4 AAA alkaline batteries with a life of more than 10,000 cycles.
- Low battery warning, easy replacement of batteries.
- If batteries are exhausted, a power bank is used to supply the cylinder without losing memory data.

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