Tecnosystemi specializes in the production and distribution of air conditioning accessories: wall and floor mounts, chassis mounts, trunking and accessories, fittings, seals, gaskets, brass fittings, threaded fittings, interlocking fittings, nipples , plugs, conduits, collectors, copper taps, compressor valves, copper and PVC pipes, coupled flexible pipes, single, insulated, charge pipes, ducts, ducts, sound sheaths, shielded ducts, thermal ducts, plenums, flaps butterfly valves, taps, reductions, diffusers, grilles, filters, de-oiler filters, tool kits, tools for refrigeration engineers, drainers, benders, ratchet wrenches, adjustable wrenches, flares, deburrers, pipe cutters, mirrors, key and screwdrivers Dynamometers, fin comb, fin straightener combs, leak detection scales, valves, drains, siphons, manifolds, manometers, electrovalves and vacuums, vacuum pumps, condensate pumps, adhesive strips, joint profiles, pre-equipment, pre-installations, air curtains, special air curtains, heat recovery units, groups of exchange, gas recovery stations, digital thermometers, infrared thermometers, phonometer, thermo-anemometers, thermo-hygrometer, amperometric clamp, laser meter, metal detector, lamps, goggles, liquid tracer, refrigerants, collar oils, tablets disinfection, etc.

Specific and diverse, our products are the fruit of research, experimentation and extensive testing. Thanks to Tecnosystemi's passion, willingness and investment in research, the company quickly became one of the most important realities in the industry.

The technology, design and originality of products and accessories embrace the goal of providing the market with effective, simple and intelligent solutions, offering better quality and reducing installation time.

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