Sunoptics® LightFlex™ LED tubular daylighting system – How it Works

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Thursday, June 7, 2018Description :
Straight from Sun with a little help from Sunoptics® skylights and daylighting systems. Naturally smart. Remarkably simple. The Sunoptics® LightFlex™ LED is the industry’s first commercial tubular daylighting system with integrated tunable-white LED and lighting controls to provide natural daylight, electric light or a combination of both through a single lens. How it works: 1. Capture the natural daylight 2. Transport the daylight to an interior space 3. Illuminate & Distribute the daylight through optically-designed diffusers 4. Optimize with tunable-white LED and integrated nLight® controls At Sunoptics® we believe: There’s no greater efficiency than off! For more information visit: LightFlex LED: nLight Controls:

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