Sunoptics EZY Curb ESYSA Installation Video for R-Panel Metal Roofs

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Friday, October 12, 2018Description :
Step-by-step installation overview of the EZY Curb™ EZYSA skylight mounting system. EZY Curb™ EZYSA provides easy one-for-one replacement of existing fiberglass panels on R-Panel metal roofs. Why update from fiberglass panels? Fiberglass-panel skylights are prone to leaking, discolor easily and can prevent the benefits of daylighting in your space. • Provide 100% diffuse glare-free daylight • Enable daylight harvesting for added energy savings • Are available with up to Class 4 hail resistance and HVHZ (hurricane zones) • Help improve roof safety over brittle fiberglass panels For additional information about EZY Curb™ EZYSA, visit Discover more daylighting product solutions at

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