Shutters 2013

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Description :

The SHUTTERS claustra structures and delimits your living space with simplicity ..

Panel composed of blades of cross-section larg.50 x ép.8 mm rounded on edge placed horizontally and orientable manually with the aid of a vertical wooden rod fixed on the whole height.

Frame in solid wood: AYOUS of cross section larg.60 x ép.30 mm which ensures the rigidity of the whole.

For panels with a height of more than 2000 mm: a crosspiece with a width of 60 x 60 mm is placed at half the height.

The SHUTTERS claustras are separated by sliding on rail in the top part, front of closet by sliding on rail on the floor, swing door or fixed panel.

Finishes: natural varnish, tinted and varnished, lacquered (see color chart).

Dimensions: height from 300 to 2700 mm.

Width from 300 to 800 mm.

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