The industrial group led by the entrepreneur Olivo Foglieni brings together an integrated range of very important activities in the sector of metal raw materials for recovery and recycling. It is the only company that is able to obtain superior aluinium products from the technical quality of the direct processing of recovered and properly treated metal waste.

At a time when we are called to be aware of the environment and develop an ability to recovery and recycling, the group has made this social obligation in its philosophy and a unique business opportunity.

Ridea with other brands Radiatori 2000 and Linea Architettura complete a commercial group offer industry in terms of traditionalists and designer radiators.

The wide range of radiators that make up the Ridea collection is the answer to the growing national and international market demand for high quality radiators, with a refined and functional design, products inspired by an ecological industrial culture and intended for customers who care about energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Ridea is based on the collaboration of the most important technical and research centers of Italy (including the Ministry of Energy of Politecnico di Milano, which certifies the heating capacity of the products) and the support of major Italian design companies and architectural.

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