Moldex launches half-mask for extreme temperatures

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Description :

Whether the temperatures are positive or negative, the silicone used with this mask, thermally inert material, very soft in contact with the skin, and hypoallergenic, will allow the user to benefit from optimum comfort.

Its lightness (126 g without filter in size M, 258 g with A1 filters, 292 g with A1P2 filters) reinforces the comfort of use.

The respiratory protection half-mask is equipped with the Easylock system patented by MOLDEX to connect the filter to the mask a quarter of a turn or to combine the particle filter with the anti-gas filter without using an adapter, bracket or other accessories.

Easy to clean (washed or disinfected at + 100 ° C) thanks to its sleek design and easy disassembly of parts, it is like all MOLDEX products, free from PVC.

Before being marketed, it was subjected to a battery of tests mainly on its tightness and its flammability. It meets EN140: 1998 in all respects.

Supplied with flanges that the user adapts to his size and then blocks and unlocks with one finger when he wants to wear the half-mask suspended around the neck during breaks.

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