Mini-crane All Road 25MT 3X3 TC from Mobilev Cranes

Friday, April 4, 2014

Description :

This radio controlled mini-crane, designed and manufactured in France, is the first compact mini-crane with accompanying driver equipped with 3-wheel drive and steering.

Equipped with hydraulic 3-wheel drive and adjustable ground clearance, this mini-crane goes where other gear does not go!

It is thus able to move in "crab" along a facade or in a narrow aisle and to seize loads to more than 7 m range or 8 m high. It can work both indoors and outdoors safely thanks to its

Anti-tip system.

It is "pick and carry", ie able to move with the suspended load. It can integrate a crown of orientation of 18 ° for a maximum of precision and a hydraulic winch 1000/2000 kg.

Its 3-cylinder boom, also developed by Mobilev Cranes, offers a wide angular travel and a unique height under hook (very practical to reduce the length of the slings when the crane is not equipped with a winch).

Applications include: Industrial maintenance, Aeronautical maintenance, Nuclear maintenance, Changes in tooling, Building work, Installation of exterior glazing.

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