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Thursday, February 15, 2018Description :
Meet Software Tester Karin and learn what a Software Tester does. Meet more Atlas Copco employees from around the world here You’re looking at a genuine troubleshooter! As a software tester, I work closely with software developers. Even if I sometimes find problems in the software, we have a great working relationship as we work toward the same goal, creating the best possible software for our customers. We have an open and friendly atmosphere at Atlas Copco. It’s multi-national, which appeals to me, and we have great dialogue between the different team functions. At Atlas Copco we have a sports association called Atlas Copco IF where you can participate in sports like badminton, tennis, skiing, and running. Personally, I play tennis… a great way to get my daily exercise. I wouldn’t hesitate to apply for a job with us if I were you. It’s a great company that invests in the individual.

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