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Thursday, February 15, 2018Description :
Meet Development Engineer Johan-Eric and learn what a Field application engineer does. Meet more Atlas Copco employees from around the world here Being an old sprinter, I always want to be the first to cross the line, be the best, win…like here in R&D. We have to be the best, have the best products, do the best for our customers, understand their problems, and always be ?first in mind – first in choice?. I usually have a hard time explaining what I do, and what my title means. My title is: ?Field application engineer.? The easiest way to put it is: we help customers understand what they need and we help them solve their problems out in the field. I work pretty much all over the world. From China to South Korea, Germany, Brazil, and the USA. What I like about Atlas Copco is that they have a lot of faith in their employees. They trust us. And I, who am like the leaf farthest out on the branch, have a lot of trust from management to to make the right decisions when I’m out at the customers. And that’s important. Otherwise, I couldn’t do my job! I think it’s really great to have that kind of trust!

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