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Meet Development Engineer Johan and learn about what a Development engineer does. Meet more Atlas Copco employees from around the world here In a nutshell we make industrial tools. Industry demands much more of its tools than those you buy at your local hardware store. Our tools must be able to withstand millions of pulls. They also have to be ergonomical because they’re used by operators everyday. Further, it’s an assurance of quality. Our tools measure and keep track of what we’re doing and store the information in databases so we can come back in three years and see what torque was put on what nut and who did it. I’ve worked at Atlas Copco for a long time and have been given the chance to broaden my knowledge in electronics, mechanics, software, and control engineering. The biggest reason to work at Atlas Copco is the huge opportunity to develop yourself…both on the technical side and in project management or as a leader. It’s a big company with big opportunities and fun technology!

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