LightFlex™ LED nLight® Controls: Start-Up and Programming Made Simple

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018Description :
Specify LightFlex LED, now part of the nLight network lighting control system. The LightFlex™ LED tubular daylighting system is the industry’s first tunable-white lighting control system to provide a combination of daylighting and electric light, with tunable capabilities, in the same luminaire. Powered by the nLight® system, the LightFlex LED™ system provides simple out-of-the box control with nLight® product devices – the same nLight® network control devices that we use for energy management and system control in commercial spaces. Featuring nLight® controls guru, Steven Roe, this video demonstrates: •System Initialization •Simple Out-of-Box Operation •Default Switch Control •Automatic/manual Control •SensorView™ Programming For additional nLight® Resources, visit: The LightFlex™ LED system uses Signature™ Series high-performance prismatic skylights for glare-free, UV-damage free, full-spectrum natural light. Discover more daylighting product solutions at For more on LightFlex LED, visit

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