Infield Safety RANGER helmet with high absorption of kinetic energy in case of shock

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Description :

This protective helmet is equipped with the new technology "Crash Box" which allows to obtain very high performances of absorption of the kinetic energy in case of shock ensuring optimal protection of the user.

The Crash Box system is based on a double cap with a system absorbing kinetic energy in the event of an impact. Thus 15 to 20% kinetic energy is absorbed in addition compared to the best helmets currently available on the market. This system uses the Crumple Zone technology which deforms to reduce the energy of the shock and diffuse it towards the cap. The user is much better protected than with a conventional helmet by a greater reduction of the residual kinetic energy diffusing towards the skull and / or the cervicals

In addition to the excellent protection it provides, this innovative Ranger helmet is lightweight. Its ergonomics make it particularly suitable for long-term wearing. It is the safest in in the market and has received a remarkable welcome from users during the testing phases.

To meet the different needs, this protective helmet can be supplemented by accessories such as a headlamp, a retro-reflective kit, a protective screen and integrated goggles. All these possibilities allow it to be used in Industry, Construction, Forestry, Pruning.

Note that this helmet can be customized. It is possible to print the entire helmet with a pattern matching the craft or sector of activity.

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