How to strengthen customer value through innovation

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Passionate people create exceptional things. Would you like to develop the industrial ideas of tomorrow? View our latest career opportunities here: Innovation starts with an idea. If you don't have an idea you will not innovate. And those really good innovative ideas should result in our customers having the best products that can be made. The core of our company is actually our innovation center. This is where we bring in the customer and invent together. This innovation center is not for us, this is really made for the customer. The way we used to make prototypes, we made a design, we ordered it externally and then it would come in six to eight weeks later. Now, using 3D printing we can actually have a prototype within the same day. So we can make that cycle of innovation a lot shorter. Interaction is key. It is very important to capture our clients needs in the beginning of the project. So that we get their feedback and are able to tackle those comments in the beginning of the design. But it is not only about coming up with new products it's also new software, new services, new ways of doing HR, so innovation can be seen everywhere. In the past there has been a tendency to regard service activities as just fixing broken equipment. But if you look at broken equipment and you start to investigate why is it broken what is the root cause you start to generate ideas for product improvements. We get the opportunity to try and test the ideas that we have. It is in our culture. This is the Atlas Copco culture being innovative. Power connect is an app that allows you to find your machine information. And you will start the power connect app aim it at the QR code it will load and from that moment on you will arrive at the machine specific page. So at the moment we are testing how to use augmented reality. You can see the real world surrounding you and over that real world it superimposes visual 3D images, how to find the problem and that is delivering value to the customer. 24 years in I have not run out of ideas cause I do not stop having ideas. I do not stop innovating. The world doesn't stand still so we can’t.

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