How to grow and be successful in a sustainable way

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Thursday, December 6, 2018Description :
We believe there is always a better way. Our operations are guided by our strategy to achieve sustainable profitable growth. Learn more about how we grow in the right way We innovate with a long-term perspective minimizing environmental impact. It means making sure our employees are safe and healthy and that we stay lean and efficient. It means growing in a way that is ethical, with zero tolerance for corruption. There is always a better way so we constantly improve our way of working and we try to inspire our suppliers and customers to also do the same. Contributing to a customer’s productivity is sustainable. Are we creating a better environment for the future is sustainable. So there are various factors what the word sustainable brings to mind. The only companies that will survive in the long run are the ones which are actually following ethical practices, safety, well-being of their employees and minimizing their footprint. You try and leave the world in a better place than where you’re at. So I think it’s really important trying to improve in the technology that we have to make our environment safer and we were able to help other technology fields develop faster and further than we thought they could ever go. Sustainability for me means to deliver lasting results and securing a lasting relationship. It’s much wider than customers. It goes to employees, goes to society for future generations. People in the streets when I meet them they say what do you do, and I say: Basically I save the planet from poisoning. These boxes here they don’t look special but they actually treat those gases. They are basically big garbage cans. You can keep putting stuff in and it disappears and it is made safe. It is as simple as that. We are saving the earth one product at a time. I’ve lived in the city all my life so it’s feel especially good to help make it an even better place. For the future. We have equipped it with solar panels. It is around 1.3 km of solar panels. Thanks to that, we save 600 tons of carbon dioxide per year now. This is what we call leadership in Atlas Copco for sustainability.

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