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Thursday, December 6, 2018Description :
Your first day at Atlas Copco could be the first day of a life-long journey. We offer a wide range of challenging jobs from product development to marketing and sales. Check out our open positions here We offer a unique working frame. We want people taking ownership of theirs careers, and to develop themselves, and from there the journey can start. I’ve always been able to develop myself. I started as a junior and now I am a senior. It is also good that you are allows you to grow. That is what attracts me, and to stay in this group for so long time and still be passionate about it. I think that if you work in a company which is filled with innovation and new ideas you will feel that every day is different. You will then do new work and working will be more exciting. Best place to work would be a good blend of innovative and comparative culture and at the same time a very good worklife balance. I think it’s really important to be working at a company where you believe in what they’re doing. And I think just to kind of develop my knowledge and experience. I’ve got the opportunity to travel. I’ve already been to Korea which was a good experience. It has been good. It has been like an eye opener. I like working with colleagues from such diverse countries. This way we can understand other countries cultures, our common interests and how to grow together. We sort of created an environment were people can openly ask questions and report issues, talk about their ideas and create a continuous improvement. Working globally is really what I like and what I enjoy. So travelling, meeting people, the people is what really makes it happen and Atlas Copco has a unique culture. We need to have passionate people in all of the functions that we have and from there you can build up accountability and commitment which leads to result.

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