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Thursday, December 6, 2018Description :
Your first day at Atlas Copco could be the first day of a life-long journey. Learn about what a career with us means: You need to have a good balance of shy people but also extrovert people. People that are more technical and then others that are more communicative. That’s one thing I’ve learned you need to have that special blend in your team and that’s what I look for in my teams. I’m a strong promoter of diversity not only between male and female but to have different cultures as part of your team. That brings something very, very positive. A good way to measure whether you have a good workplace, a good office, a good organization is are you really looking forward to going to the office on a Monday morning. I think that is a kind of trust, a type of spirit. Can we entrust the things that we need to do to another, and trust that person? That is teamwork. We work more in teams, we decide together. It’s the Swedish way, it’s the Atlas Copco way, it’s the culture. So you can decide you’re a little bit of an entrepreneur within an enterprise. Being completely equal company, females are quite attracted to join the organization. When I enter Atlas Copco I’m not a male, I’m not a female, I’m an employee. You need everybody in order to make it work. If you don’t have that big, diverse multi functional team everything just falls flat. If you do something like this which is more a friendly social activity then you are happier to work together. It adds to the family feeling the fact that we have our clubs that creates the interaction after work. Being a part of Atlas Copco for the past two years has been the best experience of my life because it’s a roller coaster you know. It’s not just like this, it’s this. I like it. It’s always nice to see that with the people that we are really contributing to making Atlas Copco even a better company than it is today.

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