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Thursday, December 6, 2018Description :
We want to understand our customers and more importantly what their problems are - so we can help them solve them. Learn about how we do business here: We want to understand our customers and we also want to understand what is the problem of the customer what is our benefit we can give to him. So we are working very close together with our customers. I think this is the main strengths in Atlas Copco. Every customer, every continent has different needs so depending on the discussions we had before the customers come over we can define their correct needs and we can provide them when they are visiting Atlas Copco. It’s really beneficial to come and see and get to know, for instance, how Atlas Copco is in Belgium. It opens your eyes in an entirely different way. My grandfather and my father wanted me to represent the third generation of relationships with Atlas Copco. We have been working with Atlas Copco for 42 years now. And that reliability is something we need, especially for a business like ours. You have to think about what value your behaviour brings to the customer. This point is very important. What are we going to develop for the future? What will be the next step in the industry and what can we do to create new value for our customers that they even didn’t know. Service department is for us very important because if we have a good service technician and we have quick response to the customer then of course the customer is happier. So this is we try to have a service technician wherever we are. So wherever our customers are we put service people there. If we create value to our customers then we will create sustainable business.

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