In the building components market, doors for housing and industry are now only one name: Hörmann. In this area, the Hörmann Group is indeed the largest supplier.

The family business has been able to achieve this goal thanks to its constant growth of several decades placed under the sign of the innovation, the guarantee of the quality and the proximity with its customers.

The Hörmann group is now run by the grandson and two great grandchildren of founder August Hörmann. The company whose members in their own right are Thomas J. Hörmann, Martin J. Hörmann and Christoph Hörmann, is therefore currently administered by the 3rd and 4th generations.

International growth

The Hörmann Group is a growing company with an international presence. Its 15 highly specialized factories produce doors for housing and industry in Europe, Asia and North America. With more than 6,000 employees, this 100% family business has a turnover of more than one billion euros.

A dense network of more than 50 own branches and numerous distributors in more than 30 countries ensures that customers have direct access.

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