GEWE-hard GEWE-hard ® - H hardened safety glasses for the highest levels

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Description :

GEWE-dur® and GEWE-dur®-H are the single tiles of safety glasses and meet all requirements on modern thermally-cured glass: greater cable strength of 45 xa compared to Untreated flat glass (steady voltage status), increased resistance to impact, shock and hail, thermal shock resistance, lower risk of damage, ie. With excessive mechanical stress the cuts of tile in the blunt-edged and loosely connected fragments.

GEWE-dur®-H is the only specially heat-hardened, hot-stored safety glass of sodalime tile produced according to EN14179, for which spontaneous breakage can be largely excluded.

Special application safety must be ensured, particularly in the construction sector.

Therefore this product, which undergoes heat imbibe the test, meet the standards of the German construction code and as such is a regulated product of construction, which in different cases would not require special approval.

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