Gaston Mille extends its range of safety shoe "New Mille"

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Description :

Guarantee without metal, the range "New Mille" of the French manufacturer of safety footwear Gaston Mille is characterized by comfortable, ultra-light models with great flexibility and good thermal insulation.
Perfectly adapted to the working conditions of the second building work (repeated bending, frequent round trips or extended standing), "New Mille" is expanded by two new models: "New S3 Black" and "New S3 black boot" The ESD standard allows use in environments with high electrostatic charges. With its versatile look and trendy colors, the range is sure to appeal to professionals in the logistics and transportation sectors, whether male or female.
7 models were designed for women and 7 for men ... absolute parity
Zero metal

With no metallic elements (composite nozzle, textile anti-puncture sole), the "New 1000" range guarantees the users light and flexible shoes with maximum comfort. Perfectly non-magnetic, the models also make it possible to safely move the safety gates.
Attentive to the comfort of its users and aware that the anatomy of the female foot is different from that of the male foot, Gaston Mille has chosen to design shoes specifically adapted to men on the one hand and women on the other hand. The "New Mille" models offer a wide range of styles and colors that will adapt to any tastes and wishes, whether they are high-top or low-rise shoes, lace-up and scratch, sandals or boots.
ESD (Electro Static Discharge) for electrostatic environments Electrostatic discharges that are common in industrial environments can damage electronic equipment. By meeting the ESD requirements, the models in the "New 1000" series provide a greater dissipation of electricity than the anti-droop.

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