Filtering Services Company conducts laboratory research and produces filtration materials and personal respiratory equipment.

The company is managed by Jacek Krzy'anowski, PhD Eng. (President), Mirosaw Jaboski, Eng. (Vice-President) and Krzysztof Wojtas, MA (Vice-President).

Jacek Krzy'anowski and Miros'aw Jab'o? Ski have been professionally involved in the manufacture of filtration materials since 1977. Both started their careers at the Lodz Institute of Textile Industry, where they conducted research on the problems of application of electrostatic attraction forces in the aerosol filtration process. The process of manufacturing non-woven fabrics by polymer blowing means fused with the use of pneumo-thermal technique, proposed by Jacek Krzy'anowski and his research team, was the beginning of the activity of the individual company.

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