Easy Drain or ESS is an abbreviation of Easy Sanitary Solutions. This name not only expresses our entire delivery program, but also our entrepreneurial philosophy. In fact, sanitary facilities must not only be functional and technically perfect, they must also meet the requirements of convenience and comfort.

It is precisely these properties that characterize our products, which are also distinguished by their advanced quality and innovative character, as well as by their ultramodern design and value for money. The family business ESS, founded in 1928, which designs, develops and manufactures its products in its own factory, constantly focuses on the realization of new ideas.

The reference in sanitary installations

The universe of ESH
Thanks to the resolutely innovative radiance of ESS sanitary products with a strong aesthetic, all the target groups are reached and challenged. In this case, our products are often at the forefront of innovation in walk-in showers around the world. In particular, ESS has developed ambitiously designed shower channels and has brought them to production maturity, thus initiating a revolution in the design of bathrooms. In terms of design and functionality, the unique ESS sanitary solutions have entered many bathrooms around the world.

They meet the desires of all those who value aesthetics and quality.

Premium quality and excellent products
Since its founding, the company ESS has always given extreme value to quality. We manufacture all our products ourselves, namely only in Germany and the Netherlands, according to the strictest quality standards.All our products are subjected to complete tests. These measures allow us to guarantee the satisfaction of your most severe requirements.

The strength to innovate and the intuition of the market
The spirit of innovation and creativity condition all our activity. In this case, our motto is: "The impossible does not exist". It is common to move too quickly from the assumption that a project or an evolution is not feasible. This attitude, ESS does not accept it. At this passivity, we oppose ideas and solutions that offer better comfort and significant advantages in terms of installation.

The courage to go beyond its horizon, as well as a strong intuition of the market are sources of innovation, while the absolute quality and the requirements of application remain the pillars of our action. This customer-oriented thinking has brought us a global clientele.

An exclusive design, awarded internationally

ESS is committed to exclusive design and develops its products with great passion and a deep love of detail. Thus, all our products are distinguished by their exclusive international design. Our company is known around the world for its forward-looking design, which has won numerous awards for design and innovation.

Easy Sanitary Solutions is recognized around the world:

- thanks to innovative bathroom solutions, initiating new trends
- thanks to a very high "quality made in Germany"
- thanks to exclusive "Dutch designs", recognized internationally
- thanks to more than eight decades of technical knowledge and experience in the sanitary field
- thnks to an excellent price / quality ratio
- by complying with all test standards, eg EN 1253 / ETAG-022

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