DOM-VTH3C thermostatic valve (connected, setpoint and metering)


DOM-VTH3C thermostatic valve (connected, setpoint and metering)
Description :
The DOM-VTH3C Thermostatic Valve (connected, setpoint and metering) performs its functions on a collective water heating network. Thanks to its connection to a multifunction hub of connected objects, it adapts setpoint values to each radiator to guarantee its energy efficiency.Without thermal energy (Kwh) metering function, it ensures consumption control and to participate in the decree which obliges the distribution of heating costs in collective housing.

Zigbee connected thermostatic valve.
Power supply by batteries (2 LR6 / AA, 1.5V) duration: +> 2 years.
Compatible with WATTS or Danfoss valve with M28 connection.
Integrated room and flow temperature sensors, optional external sensor. PID regulation.
Flow capture process Determination of thermal energy consumption.

Application area(s)
Collective water heating on riser or horizontal column

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