All CVO lights are handmade in our Newton Aycliffe factory in North East England. CVO Fire was established in the UK in 1999 and has won numerous awards for design and technology. We are a totally independent fireplace company with our own unique burner technology. All gas fires are individually hand made on customer order. This guarntees that our lights are designed for a very high standard with great care and attention taken to ensure a perfect finish and reliability. When an order is placed this past via our direct planning service to our production operators so that they know the customer's name and sales order number. This creates great pride in the manufacturing process. Each gas fire is given a point in the 40 home test function before being certified and given a data plate. Only then is it packaged and shipped to the customer.

All our gas fires have been tested for the latest CE safety standard and can be shipped accross Europe. Call 01325-301020 for help, tips and more information.

The natural stone we use is all high quality and bought from the best quarries across Europe. Stone is supplied in a minimum thickness of 20 mm is to fully ensure the quality of the stone is represented. Our competitors use thin sections of processed stone glued to a metal frame.

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