"Less is more" is the famous phrase by designer Mies van der Rohe who designed the Barcelona chair. It is this concept that inspired us to design the website ChairBarcelona.com: a simple site, clean, and especially dedicated to 100% Barcelona chair in all its forms.

The Barcelona chairs we offer are not the original models. The original chairs are unaffordable for many people. We offer excellent reproductions at very competitive prices.

Our prices are optimal for the following reasons:

- Online purchases: we buy our products directly from the manufacturers. There are no intermediaries (distributor or wholesaler)

- Large purchase volumes and concentrated on a specific range, we were able to negotiate at the best price and make you benefit

- Fewer expenses than a store that has to deal with many costs that increase the selling price (rent, right to lease, sellers ...)

- Minimalist organization (again the famous "Less is more"!): Our team is small and flexible

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