Our story begins in 1969 ...

Like other success stories, ours has a legendary aura. CARMIX originates from CARMAN, the company that in the early sixties assembled small dumpers and small self-tilers from elements and parts from old military and agricultural vehicles.

The result was something very different from the current 4x4 self-tonnage machines, but good enough to satisfy a specific need: to guarantee fresh concrete on construction sites.

Many years and a few million cubic meters of concrete later, CARMIX customers have a mobile concrete plant, off-road and completely autonomous, Easy to use and economical, this equipment represents everywhere the world the ideal solution for produce and distribute concrete, either on the most difficult sites, in the busiest traffic or on a lost island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

If we can say with pride that CARMIX is everywhere synonymous with self-loading 4x4 self-tipping machines, it's because we have always guaranteed continuous innovation, maximum quality and unparalleled reliability.

In addition, Metalgalante is constantly revolutionizing the "self-baking concept": 300 ° swivel bowl, front cab, hydraulic opening bucket, Joymix, "Load Celfs" electronic weighing systems and other novelties, all of this MADE IN CARMIX. Our challenge is to always have a head start and, above all, to be closer to the needs and expectations of our customers.

To meet this challenge, it is with the utmost care we design, select our suppliers, manufacture, test each CARMIX and deliver our customers and resellers.

Our best reward is the satisfaction of thousands of successful entrepreneurs and government organizations using CARMIX in more than 140 countries on five continents. Whatever the conditions and circumstances, CARMIX is the ideal solution for producing economical concrete. with ease.

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