As our name suggests, big ass fans are not your traditional business. While the bizarre name naturally receives a lot of attention, it is the serious behind-the-scenes work that drives our continued success in industrial, commercial and residential spaces.

Based in Lexington, Kentucky, we design, manufacture engineer and overhead and directional fans that range in size from 18 inches to 24 feet (45.7 cm to 7.4 m) in diameter. Unlike typical fans, Big Ass fans some energy-efficient engines with patented aerodynamic designs, inspired by airplane wings, to move large volumes of air quietly and efficiently.

At the time of the founding of the company in 1999, our first models were designed to bring comfort and safety to farms and factories, which generally lacked air conditioning. Customers began installing our air-conditioned industrial fans schools, churches and offices, so we invented a silent motor and offered superb designs to meet the noise and aesthetic needs of these spaces. In 2012, big Ass fans launched Haiku, reinventing the home's ceiling fan that boasts an award-winning minimalist design and revolutionary energy-efficient engine. Haiku now features senseme technology, an on-board computer and a set of sensors that keeps you comfortable automatically.

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