New Artibat 2014: velvety satin paint SANIPUR by JEFCO

Friday, 24 October 2014

Description :

Manufacturer and distributor of professional paints, wall papers, wall coverings, floor coverings.

SANIPUR: velvety satiny product in aqueous phase, classified A + in COVT, and less than 1g of VOC / L, SANIPUR guarantees an extraordinary efficiency against the bacteria and a
Versatility of use meeting all the needs of a construction site. SANIPUR also has the environmental eco-label HSE as well as a specific FDES.

Available in white and pastel in 1L, 4L and 10L.

Advantages for professionals:

SANIPUR has been tested by an independent laboratory that has observed a reduction on the walls of 84% to 99% of the bacteria compared to a traditional paint, whether on smooth surfaces (walls, ceilings and joinery) or glass cloth.

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