Polyrey Premier Origin Collection for interior layout and design

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Description :

Premium brand of decorative laminate, Polyrey launches this year its all new 2017 Collection for interior layout and design. Rich in 330 decors and 11 surface finishes, this renewal is the event expected by all market players, who will define the trends and creations of tomorrow ... Trends rigorously studied and developed by designers and renowned designers In which wood is naturally of crucial importance ... Designed for the most daring interior design, from the most design to the most luxurious, the Origine Premier collection brings together 45 wooden decors striking by the realism of their drawings and surprising by the audacity of the Associated finishes ... Focus on this innovative range which will seduce and inspire architects, decorators and designers for hotel, commercial and tertiary projects.


The sublimated wood for the most daring achievements ...

Back to basics, quest for authenticity, respect and consideration of natural resources, Scandinavian wave, wood is today in perfect harmony with the current values. Although timeless and has always been sought after, for its robustness and its simplicity of implementation, but also for its warm, positive and essential dimensions, this material returns today more than ever to the front of the stage.

Polyrey's Origine Premier collection brings together 45 of the most original and trendy wood decors in terms of patterns, veining and color. Thoroughly studied to reproduce the finest essences, each of these decorations is associated with a surface finish: Extramat to reinforce the raw appearance of wood, Epimat or Legno to accentuate its roughness, veins and thread as well as BriHG , Giving an extreme shine to this noble material.

Thanks to the originality of this collection and the power of its associations, Origine Premier presents a real source of inspiration for architects and designers, offering them a response perfectly adapted to current demand ...

Rough, raw sawing effect, wood gray or blackened for achievements with assertiveness

The Rough style universe brings together 15 decors wood raw sawing, patinated, cerused or gray, even blackened. Tracing the imprint of time in their motifs, these 15 decorations unveil the soul of the wood, with marked and contrasting lines. Strong in character, these decors are particularly suitable for CHR furniture (tables, countertops or wall coverings) and networks of shops (commercial furniture, countertops) as well as for doors or fittings for cultural places or theaters.

The power and accuracy of the sets gathered here by Polyrey means that "for the same reference, but according to the use given to it, the story told turns out to be totally different, even opposed, but never incompatible" emphasizes Isabelle d 'Argy. A Wengué Pepper Cerusé decoration (W017) can thus bring a subtle refinement to an intimate bathroom and affirm the Urban Wear concept of a clothing store.

Natural, woods with refined veining for a seductive arrangement

The 15 decors of the natural style universe combine noble, refined and aesthetic essences. Very natural wood decorations such as the Olive Tree of Seville (O030) or the Cœur de Pommier (C104). Their pure and elegant lines will also suit the interior design of contemporary restaurants, boutiques with a Nordic ambience or commercial and hospitality areas such as pharmacies and offices.

Light woods such as Siberian Birch (B102) will offer a great deal of material to young designers, offering them a work base of choice for their eco-design or minimalist creations. Decorations gray or dark, like the Silver Pine (P118) with the effects of metal, constitute a support of excellence for refined projects and will thus dress jewelry displays, perfumeries or shops.

Exotic, warmth and refinement for an ultra-chic wood

Hot, dark or black, the 15 wooden decors of the Exotic style perfectly reproduce precious essences striking by the power of their hues and the play of their veins, as illustrated by Ebony Oranga (E042) or Zingana (Z017). Not without recalling the furniture of the 1930s of the greatest designers of the time, this range sublime wood and authorizes original creations, very high-end.

Here again, the marriage of materials is honored with, for example, the Silverblack Wood (S046), integrating silver for a very chic metal look! Ideal for luxury boutiques and upscale furniture, this category is the only one in the Origine Premier collection to combine a BrihG finish, with mirror shine, with two decors including Ebony (E035). Extremely surprising, intriguing, this combination magnifies the brilliance of the wood and gives it a real power. Rich, sophisticated and upscale, these sets adapt especially to luxury boutiques, private clubs or ultra-chic furniture!

 Isabelle d'Argy, stylist partner of Polyrey, expert of wood decorations ...

Independent decorator, based on more than 13 years of collaboration with Polyrey, Isabelle d'Argy enjoys a perfect knowledge of the market and the famous laminate brand. Having realized an important work on the decors woods for the creation of the Collection 2017 Polyrey, it testifies:

"It took almost two years to achieve this result. More than just a selection of drawings, it is the entire collection in place, trends and demand, but also the technological evolutions we have studied. An exciting work of creation and of gammage then follows with, for Origin Premier, the combination of 4 surface states to sublimate the result! Once in a situation, the true story of each set comes and allows architects, designers, signs, to make him tell what they want. With the quality and precision of the decors selected here, each achievement is unique and becomes a real work. The young designers and decorators have all the cards in hand with Origine Premier to affirm their style and realize audacious creations. Thanks to the work involved and the quality of the drawings, they can rely on safe values! ".

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