Mini-crane at Aprolis

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Description :

Aprolis now offers a complete range of rental of mini-cranes in gasoline, diesel and dual-fuel (electric + diesel) engines for indoor and outdoor use

The mini spider crane has many advantages of the mini-crane which make it a very powerful material for very varied uses:

• Great lightness and maneuverability: once folded, the mini crane goes everywhere and can be easily transported. It can thus reach spaces where no other material has access.

• Its articulated stabilizers allow it to load on all surfaces, even on sloping or unstable ground.

• Unmatched precision

Aprolis allows to rent these mini-cranes for a duration of 1 day to 5 years and more.

Available in various engines (petrol, diesel and dual-energy), these mini cranes have a capacity ranging from 1.7 tons to 6 tons and for a working height ranging from 5.50m to 18.5m. The mini-crane also exists on track for the most important loads.

The range is complemented by mini-crawler cranes for the most powerful models and has many accessories. The mini-crane is the most efficient equipment for lifting and installing windows when constructing buildings.

The versatility of these mini-cranes makes them equipment that quickly becomes indispensable for all construction sites or the accesses are limited, sloping or rugged.

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