Katherm QK nano, the new high performance and silent gutter heating system

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Description :

Kampmann launches Katherm QK nano, its new high performance and silent gutter heating system. The Katherm QK nano is a fan convection system that relies on a transverse blower with EC motors that are both compact and quiet. At an average speed of 60%, the sound pressure level reaches only 25 dB (A).
Suitable for large glazed surfaces
With its small dimensions of 70 mm in height and 165 mm in width, the innovative product is adapted to maximize space. Designed for residential buildings, offices or hotels, this gutter heating system is protected by a stainless steel grille with a contemporary, sleek design. Katherm QK nano is available with KaControl, an electromechanical or electrical control system (24V). This system offers maximum energy efficiency and unlimited integration possibilities in automated building systems.
EC ventilation and anti-rotation safety
Katherm QK nano is equipped with a very quiet EC fan, guaranteeing a homogeneous flow of air throughout the length of the heater. An anti-rotation safety feature integrated in the heater connection avoids damage to the heater when the valves are mounted.

Advantages :
• Reduced dimensions: 70 x 165 mm
• Gutter length: 1600 mm
• Very quiet EC technology
• Stainless steel FineLine filigree grid
• Low power consumption
• Protection against effective cold air in front of large glazed areas

Katherm QK nano will be available from October 2016 from specialized dealers.

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