Heritage Collection of Cerabati: afford the luxury of enlarging the bathroom

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Description :

Large sizes, noble materials, linear textures, the Heritage Collection is a coordinated floor-wall that opens the spaces in the bathroom to introduce the warm comfort of a woven or woody aspect. Between freedom of decoration, sober modernity and games of perspective, the Heritage collection has the elegance of a luxury at the service of the serenity and the ressourcement.

In the bathroom, it is good to enlarge the spaces! Cerabati created the Heritage Collection to achieve it while playing with the diversity of materials. Veined like wood or lineage like the fabric, the wall earthenware is declined in two different styles which meet in the colors and the finality: Legacy stretches the perspectives and opens the spaces with its effects of linearity, reinforced by the very large format Of tiles. The other feature of the Heritage Collection is its exceptionally large squares, large rectangles measuring 25 x 76 cm, a format that also contributes to "pushing back the walls". On the practical side, this large format minimizes the joints to be made.

Playing on complementarity, the Héritage collection also has floor tiles coordinated in 60 x 60 cm rectified, a large format that also allows to enlarge the perspectives and space in the bathroom.

The Heritage collection does not stop there and proposes two other sets that enlarge the possibilities of composition. The Mosaic earthenware brings a touch of colorful meticulousness while the Carpet decorations offer a timeless appearance, with a graphics as lightly passed over time. These two styles make it possible to identify a space and to differentiate it to highlight it within the bathroom. But they are also the extension of wooden and woven faiences because their motifs are also very linear.

With the Heritage Collection, Cerabati brings in noble materials in the bathroom, textures usually not used. The whole gives this living room par excellence a soberly luxurious atmosphere, ideal for cravings for cocooning and rejuvenation.

Between the impression of space and the comfort of textures in four colors, Cérabati creates a very modern, soft and warm Heritage collection that transforms the bathroom into a major room, welcoming, full of nobility and elegance. .. to the French, of course!

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