Flat Top Flat Top Light

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Description :

The Flat Top is the only flush-mounted floor light that optimizes space. The Flat-Top has the same advantages as the Glass-Top, including the DEPLOCELL reflective grating system.

Its external face in laminated glass allows Flat-Top to resist pedestrians and vehicles and its anti-slip treatment allows a safe circulation.

The Flat-Top is available in a "pedestrian-bike" version with a triple-layered laminated glass, as well as in the "vehicle" version with a laminated three-layered glass.
The sound and thermal insulation is optimal thanks to the use of glass for the dome.
Ideal to illuminate the spaces in the basement (ex: parking, tunnels, etc ...).

Certification Cradle to Cradle certifying ecodesign of all components that are guaranteed 10 years.

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